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Building Bee Boxes

Category: Equipment & Written by ZuniBee On April-18-2021 08:10:44

I spent the day building some 8 frame hive bodies and bottom boards. Got 4 hive bodies completely built and painted as well as two bottom boards. Then I spent the rest of the day painting old nuc boxes, two frame boxes, supers and hive bodies. Very productive day getting ready for new bees.

I have to give credit to this Youtube video for the design specs of the 8 frame boxes. Many times I have followed directions to end up with boxes that just didn't have the right measurements. Always slightly off in some way or another. However, this guy showed exactly how to make them and they came out perfect. So thanks for taking the time to put that video online!

How to Make 8 Frame Bee Hives


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Three pound package of Italian Honeybees ready to be installed in their new hive.

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