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Sustainable Beekeeping with ZuniBee Farms!

Company Overview

ZuniBee Farms is a family apiary operation located in Zuni, VA. Our goal is to produce quality honey, increase pollination in the local area, and at the same time increase awareness of self sufficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the community about the joys of beekeeping and to promote better stewardship or our bee population through sustainable hive management and beekeeping practices.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to employ sustainable beekeeping practices to raise quality bees, queens, and great tasting honey. We have a widespread appreciation for honeybees and the role they play in agriculture and we strive to educate the public on the importance of honey bees and beekeeping to the production of food crops.

Our products

  • Honey

    ZuniBee Farms pure honey is straight from the hive right here in Zuni, Virginia, and is not pasteurized or processed in any way. Consumers who become aware of the difference between processed honey and “local” pure honey, choose the “local” pure honey, which is a healthier and much higher quality product.

  • Queens

    The queen is the most important part of your hive. Good genetics result in a high producing queen. We start with quality genetics!

  • Nucs

    Nucs offer a quicker way to start hives. Our Nucs contain five frames of bees with an established laying queen. They are ready to take home and exand into an eight or ten frame hive.

  • Classes

    To meet our mission, we offer both group and individual beekeeping classes ranging from beginner to expert.

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